Feel Better

By Appointment Only

  • High dose Vitamin C (10 grams)
    30 minutes $85
    Immune boost and refresher!
  • High dose Vitamin C (5 grams)
    30 minutes $65
    A great immune booster and skin refresher!
  • Hangover Helper (Hydration Therapy)
    50 minutes $79
    Special formulation to get back to your normal self after a fun night out or as a pre-game before the fun begins!
  • Immune Support and Recovery
    50 minutes $109
    Great infusion for those who travel, feel a cold or flu coming on, pre/post surgery and the immune compromised.
  • Chronic Pain Infusion
    4 hours $599
    Ketamine for Chronic Pain conditions, 4 hour treatment. This is 5-10 consecutive treatments. PLEASE call or email before booking this treatment. We need information before initiating treatment.
  • SPG Block
    30 minutes $69
    Treatment for acute migraine sufferers. Immediate relief that doesn’t require and IV.


By Appointment Only

  • NAD+
    2 hours 10 minutes $399
     Infusion for Anti-Aging, Athletic Performance and Brain Reboot.
    Anti-aging, Athletic Performance and Brain Reboot Infusion. Promotes cellular repair and regeneration on a genetic level.
  • Athletic Performance Infusions
    50 minutes $109
    Boost your performance and recover faster!
  • Brain Boost
    4 hours $599
     NAD+ for neurodegeneration

Add Ons

Add any of these to your infusion 

  • Zofran (ondansetron) - 

    Anti-nausea. May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

  • Toradol (ketorolac) -

     Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID). May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

  • Decadron (dexamethasone) - 

    Corticosteroid. May be added to fluids, given one-shot IV, or IM

  • Pepcid (famatodine) - 

    GI relief. May be added to fluids or given one-shot IV

  • Glutathione Push

    Added on to any vitamin infusion for that extra boost!



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