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Celebs that love Infusion based treatments

Thinking about getting your first infusion based treatment but just a tad bit uneasy about the whole deal? Or are you maybe thinking that Infusion based treatments are not all they're cracked up to be? Pseudo Science? Rather than beat our own drum and yell from the rooftops all the science behind what we do we thought we would look around for a little external validation - or at least information on other people that use it and the results they are seeing. 

So we did some scouring of the internet using our trusty friend Google, and found this amazing blog on a UK site that gives a great list of famous people that use Infusion treatments. It comes with a great infographic and explanations on each celebrity stating what they use and some of the details as to why or what it does for them. Of course we had to share. He is a quick breakdown of the celebs that are using infusion based therapies. Click the link to see what they are doing!

 1) Madonna 
2) Brad Pitt 
3) Justin Bieber
4) Rihanna
5) Adele 
6) Gwyneth Paltrow
7) Chrissy Teigen 
8) Jane Fonda 
9) Sofia Vergara 
10) Simon Cowell 


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